May 8, 2017

Viper - poster

The first look poster of 'Viper', a short film.

And.. btw.. this blog is completing ten years today :)

Apr 30, 2017

Terrace garden - 2

If you have an open terrace with a lot of sun light, then Lalbagh is a fantastic place to start. Have a close look at the notice board. Awesome guys there! 

You get a host of quality seeds, ready-mix (ready to use mixture of soil and manure), fertilisers and other garden needs like poly bags, tools, etc. The nursery is remarkable. Go for it! 

But I am in Kentucky and this Lalbagh is thousands of miles away from my home! That is okay, you could find similar nurseries around your place, or may be even better shops. Need not panic on this. You can check out the online stores too. 

But I don't have a terrace!
Well, I am helpless on this. Even I may lose my terrace soon. Have a blast till it lasts! May be we should explore indoor plant options. Or may be there should be a brokerage app for leasing open terraces. Say, this office complex next door has some 5,000 sft of open terrace. They put out their specs in the app, and people like you and me take it on lease and create gardens. The simplest name of the app could be 'Greenterrace'; even 'Greencity' sounds okay.

Do we get to earn, like say by selling the produce and making money? Well, the guys who have been doing this for livelihood are dying in hundreds and thousands. And it is just a 'hobby' here. I feel we got to think in terms of value, and not just cost. 


But the insects? They are not going let the plants live peacefully. Yes, I guess it is a part of the larger 'cylce of life'. Around 15-20% of what grows is not for us. But with stuff like neem oil, salt spray, etc. we can really bring down the number.

We have had a pretty good run with tomato, brinjal, ladies' finger, lettuce, and cauliflower; and failed miserably with some flowering plants and pumpkin. Now, trials are on with onion and carrot; but not very hopeful though. 

Long live the garden.

Caution: Gardening is highly addictive.